Tiny Houses TEDx Talk: Freedom From Ecocide

"Alice brings light to our lives and how we can experience freedom from society's "norms.""

In this amazing TEDx talk about tiny houses, speaker Alice Wilson goes over how tiny houses can bring us freedom in many areas of our lives. Perhaps you can relate to the notion of ecocide and how to disconnect with it to regain meaning in your own life.

A Note from Alice Wilson

How can we step away from systems we depend on when we recognise that those systems are flawed or harmful? I have spent six and a half years in higher education, and I think this is one of the big questions that has underpinned my work throughout that time.

My undergraduate dissertation was an analysis of the ways in which universities function to reproduce social hierarchies rather than prioritising the deep education of their students.

It was an expression of my disappointment in an educational system that taught students to pass tests, quote dead white men, and to expect penalisation if they tried anything creative or unusual.

Alice Wilson

Watch Alice’s Tiny House TEDx Talk

Watch her full TEDx talk below or grab the direct link here.

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About Alice Wilson

Alice Wilson is a PhD candidate at the University of York and studies an examination of tiny housing as a unique and emerging sector within self-build projects. After a short break from education she won an ESRC 1+3 scholarship to complete a PhD on the potential that Tiny Houses have to address inter-generational justice issues, whilst moving us closer to achieving our environmental justice goals as a country and as a planet. Alice talks about Tiny Houses in the UK and lessons she learnt from building her own Tiny House. She is documenting her project at: tinyhouseresearch.co.uk.

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